Police Brutality and Excessive Force

three police officers in riot gear walking down streetCTM specializes in enforcing constitutional rights against police brutality and misconduct. Our attorneys are experts in cases under 42 U.S.C. § 1983, which allows individuals to sue for money damages for constitutional violations. When police officers or other law enforcement personnel use excessive force, conduct unlawful searches, or violate your rights, you may be entitled to justice and compensation.

Unlawful Arrest and Prosecution

Individuals have the right to liberty. When law enforcement illegally arrests, prosecutes or detains individuals without probable cause, they may have violated the U.S. Constitution. Our attorneys specialize in bringing these cases and overcoming the significant immunity possessed by many government agents in order to obtain justice.

Prisoner Rights

CTM also fights to protect the rights of prisoners and pretrial detainees. Prisons have a legal obligation to provide adequate facilities and care, including crucial mental health services to inmates, regardless of why they are in jail. Our attorneys litigation against jails includes wrongful death cases related to prisoner suicides, and we are experienced in obtaining the necessary documentation to build a case. If you or a loved one has been harmed while incarcerated, contact us today.

prisoner in orange uniform sitting at table

Unlawful Takings

The Government cannot take your property without just compensation. If the government is targeting your property for condemnation, demolition, or attempting to seize it through eminent domain, our attorneys may be able help you fight back and stop the government obtrusion and obtain compensation

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech is one of the core civil liberties protected in the Bill of Rights. All individuals, including government employees, are protected by the First Amendment. If you have been retaliated against because of something you said, or posted to social media, your rights may have been violated.

Due Process Violations

The Government cannot take life, liberty, or property without due process of law. Whether you are an employee accused of misconduct, or a homeowner denied a hearing on an issue affecting your property, if the government takes action against you without providing an opportunity for you to defend yourself, your rights may have been violated.