Fighting for Labor Unions and the Labor Movement

Union Representation

CTM is proud to represent several labor unions. Joe Michaels and Adam Taub are zealous labor advocates and experienced, skilled negotiators with a thorough grounding in public and private sector union representation. CTM is trusted counsel for several public and private-sector labor unions, representing a diverse group of employees including nurses, electricians, pipefitters, teachers, and university professors.

man with megaphone during protest rallyUnion Formation

As a former union organizer, Mr. Michaels has significant experience in starting a new union. CTM offers advice on how to form an independent union or simply how to get workers to vote on forming a union. CTM can also advise workers who are interested in forming a union on how to protect themselves from retaliatory conduct.

Contract Negotiation

CTM’s labor attorneys have negotiated numerous labor contracts, both as lead negotiators and as counsel. CTM is able to meet the needs of labor unions as they negotiate economic and non-economic terms and can counsel regarding strategies to avoid concessions and maximize gains.

Unfair Labor Practice

When management runs afoul of labor law, CTM is there to file unfair labor practice charges. CTM’s attorneys have successfully litigated numerous ULPs and unit clarification petitions. CTM is always ready to fight for the rights of unions and takes a labor-centric approach to providing advice up to and during a hearing.

Grievance Arbitration

two people going over and signing a contractA union’s contract should not be violated. When management violates a collective bargaining agreement, CTM has significant experience in successfully representing unions at arbitrations. CTM works to ensure that management lives up to the contract it agreed to, whether the matter is disciplinary, wage related, or a contract interpretation dispute, CTM is there to help.

Civil Litigation

Sometimes management refuses to arbitrate grievances or other civil remedy is necessary. CTM is experienced at bringing civil litigation on behalf of labor unions.

Other Counsel

CTM’s experienced labor attorneys are available to provide general counsel to labor unions and aspiring labor leaders. We believe strongly in the labor movement and fight for workers.