Title IX – Sex Discrimination in Education

Has your student been harassed or assaulted at school? Has your daughter been deprived of athletic or educational opportunities because of her sex? Are you a college student who has been sexually assaulted by a classmate or sexually propositioned by a Professor? We will provide compassionate, thoughtful advice, focused negotiation, and tough, hard-nosed litigation.

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Teacher Tenure

All Michigan Teachers who have achieved tenure are protected against arbitrary actions from the school district and cannot be fired without a hearing. Likewise, many higher education professors are protected by contractual tenure policies. Our attorneys provide aggressive, thorough representation to educators to protect their tenure rights, their reputation, and their career.

female teacher helping young girl with writingEducator Union Representation

Our attorneys also represent educator unions at all levels of education, including K-12 and higher education. Our attorneys understand the specialized labor laws relating to education and other public-sector unions.

Student Disciplinary Proceedings

If you have been accused of cheating, academic misconduct, or other violations of your school’s misconduct policy, our attorneys can help guide you through the various procedures and hearings to protect your rights and your academic career.