Help & Compassion Throughout

“Ms. Croson was wonderful to work with. Very straight forward and communicated well throughout my case. I certainly hope I do not need her help in the future but I would absolutely hire her again to assist me with my legal needs. Thank you for your help and compassion throughout my ordeal and for having my back.”

– Jennifer Lund, July 2023 via Google

Had My Best Interest In Mind

“I was recently represented by Joseph and it was a great experience. I had my reservations about working with lawyers due to fears of crazy cost or just overall lack of care. However, I was greatly surprised. He made the process very simple, he was very personable, honest and I felt that he had my best interest in mind. I would recommend anyone to work with Joseph and will surely do so if ever needed in the future.”

– Shawn Love, November 2022 via Google

Exceptionally Dedicated, Talented, & Brilliant

“Joe Michaels is an exceptionally dedicated, talented, and brilliant lawyer. He represented me and other professors at EMU against our university’s outrageous attempt to get a court of law to Shut down our strike, even though EMU had failed to bargain good faith! And a few years earlier, he won an Arbitration decision on my behalf. I’m grateful to him! A good and honest lawyer! Go with Joe Michaels and you won’t be sorry!”

– Mark Higbee, October 2022 via Google

David vs Goliath Situation – You Need Joe!

“Joe Michaels is am excellent labor lawyer who won our union a fair contract against all odds. He is tenacious, knowledgeable, and committed to getting just outcomes for his clients. His background as a union organizer is a real complement to his expertise in labor law. If you find yourself in a David vs Goliath situation, then you need Joe.”

– Tricia McTague, October 2022 via Google

Represented EMU Faculty

“Joseph represented the EMU faculty in its 2022 contract negotiations. His knowledge of the law and skillful tactical and strategic decisions were indispensable in our fight. He worked with us, empowering us to make our demands heard in the negotiating room and beyond. The resulting contract was the best EMU faculty secured in more than a decade.

Adam Taub also worked with us, albeit only on specific issues. His insights and arguments contributed to our successes as well, particularly on FMLA-related provisions.

I cannot recommend Croson, Taub and Michaels highly enough. I fully expect we will ask for their representation in our next contract negotiation.”

– Deron Overpeck, October 2022 via Google

He Actually Heard Me

“I know my case was not easy because I went through several attorneys before I was finally referred to Mr. Michaels. I was especially impressed how he actually heard me. He understood my feelings regarding my situation. Thankfully he had the knowledge, experience and confidence to take on my case. He thoughtfully represented me with honesty, firmness, and respect. Mr. Michaels turned a unpleasant situation into a positive experience which allowed me to move forward. I’m extremely grateful!”

– L Alderman, July 2022 via Google

Best Advocate We Could Have Asked For

“We are so thankful to Charlotte and her team for helping us successfully navigate a challenging civil lawsuit. She talked us through every step and worked diligently to uncover vital information that even we weren’t aware of to support our claims. Charlotte is patient, kind, and client focused and she truly wants what is best for you-but she is also a fighter. She won’t give up until you have what you deserve. She is supportive and was the best advocate we could have asked for. We are beyond thankful for Charlotte and her team and would highly recommend them to anyone considering civil litigation.”

– Katie Dortch, June 2022 via Google

Has Never Let Me Down!

“I have worked with Charlotte Croson many times during my career. She is knowledgeable, thorough and down to earth. I have never signed a contract without an attorney review- and Charlotte has never let me down. Highly recommend her!”

– DoctorB, May 2022 via Google

Fantastic Expertise & Advice

“I was represented by a partner at Croson, Taub, & Michaels and am very happy with the representation I received. They provided fantastic expertise and advice and were there for me every step of the way”

– Brandon Reid, April 2022 via Google

Honest, Intelligent Trustworthy Representation

“The folks at Croson, Taub & Michaels were wonderful to work with. They made me feel like my case was the focus of their whole office. I would highly recommend anyone seeking honest, intelligent trustworthy representation work with this law firm.”

– Joseph, April 2022 via Google

Fantastic Team

“Fantastic team. Revised my employment contract before my annual review and offered amazing advice. I always feel confident and prepared going into contract negotiations after working with CTM.”

– Laura Wiseman, April 2022 via Google

Their Priority Was Me

“I made the right decision in choosing this firm and its team of lawyers. When I could not find anyone to help us, including the EEOC, Teri and Charlotte took on my case. They introduced and educated us, my husband and I, in the steps, levels, and process of going to court and taking on a Goliath. There were times when a strong personality and honest clarity was needed, but they were also understanding, compassionate and comforting when I felt the pressure and stress of fighting for what we all believe was a dishonest action taken against me, an individual with a disability who truly enjoyed performing their job. They made sure to involve me in everything involving my case, they let me know what my options and what may be best for me without trying to influence or persuade me into a decision I wasn’t comfortable with. Their priority was me, their client, not what the payoff could be. In my opinion, we beat Goliath because, even though money was never the issue, the settlement we agreed upon hit them where it hurts the most, their pocketbooks and that they now have a history of a wrongful discrimination action. Thank you, Charlotte and Teri!”

– Eddie Garcia, December 2021 via Google

Extremely Thorough & Diligent

“Joseph Michaels was extremely thorough and diligent in handling my First Amendment case. He was aggressive, knowledgeable and offered great solutions, and listened to my interests in what I wanted as a result in the case. He was very detailed and attentive, and always available to talk. It was an overall great experience working with him.”

– Justin Kucera, December 2021 via Google

Stood His Ground

“I have had the great pleasure to work with Croson, Taub, and Michaels, PLLC. Especially with Joseph Michaels. If I was able to give more than 5 stars, I would. Mr. Michaels has worked very hard for me to obtain my settlement. He was honest, straightforward and there were no surprises down the road. The firm work non-stop to keep the process moving with difficulties from the opposition. They were also very understanding and caring, knowing this was an emotional situation for me. But what sold me is that Joseph Michaels stood his ground and didn’t allow us to be pushed around. Something the opposition was not use to. If I ever need representation again, I will always turn to Croson, Taub, and Michaels.”

– Ma Adam, October 2021 via Google

A Bulldog in the Courtroom

“I was represented by Joseph Michaels in a lawsuit against the State of Michigan after they retaliated against me for my First Amendment rights. Joe litigated the case aggressively. The State tried to dismiss the case twice, but Joe beat them in Court both times. Ultimately, I settled the case for a six-figure amount, which I was very pleased with. I would recommend Joe to anyone whose rights have been violated at work. Joe is responsive, knowledgeable, and most importantly, a bulldog in the Courtroom.”

– Calvin Congden, October 2021 via Google

Case Handled With Great Success

“Was a very good experience, case was handle with great success and my attorney Charlotte Croson was very talented and aggressive when needed she was very good on keeping me up to date with changes and very helpful in answering all my questions and any changes. I was very pleased with how she handled and settled my case. I was thankful to have her representing me.”

– Allen Green III, August 2021 via Google

Extremely Professional and Helpful

“Mr. Taub was extremely professional and helpful. Even though there was no chance that he would earn a large sum of money from my case, he still treated it very seriously and invested a significant amount of time into researching the matter and advising me. He made me feel that he cared about me receiving justice, and worked diligently to that end. I strongly recommend calling Mr. Taub for any legal matter he is qualified to handle.”

– Eric Shore, July 2021 via Google

These Guys Are Fighters!

“I can’t express enough, my gratitude and good fortune to have found and then be represented by Croson, Taub and Michaels in an FMLA lawsuit against my former employer, when other, larger firms refused to take my case. Adam and Charlotte were steadfast in their belief in me and my case and ultimately prevailed against my former employer and their high powered law firm at summary judgment. I am extremely pleased with their level of service, communication, counseling, and feedback. I recommend them highly, especially for employment related matters such as mine. To paraphrase an old saying “it’s not the size of the firm in the fight that matters, but rather the size of the fight in the firm.” These guys are fighters!”

–, April 2021 via Google

Respectful, Thorough, Knowledgable, Informative

“Adam Taub represented me in a diligent manner. He did a great job at remaining in contact with me and inquiring with me as to what I would prefer before making any decisions. He was respectful and thorough. He was also very knowledgeable and informative. I would recommend this law firm.”

– Tegan Hilyard, March 2021 via Google

Highly Responsive & Thorough

“Charlotte Croson is a real go-getter! Highly responsive and thorough. I felt she had my best interest and quickly earned my respect and trust. She did an amazing job for me. I highly recommend Charlotte Croson without any reservation!”

– Karen Mueller, March 2021 via Google

The Kind of Warrior You Want on Your Side

“Charlotte Croson is the kind of warrior that you want on your side if you need to fight. She carries an arsenal of weapons like intelligence Integrity experience and honor. With true compassion she will fight for what is right you cannot go wrong with her on your side. Thank you Charlotte. Semper Fi”

– Tim Emerson, March 2021 via Google

Honest, Calming Force for Employment Law

“Adam is a fantastic attorney and an honest, calming force for any matters of employment law. He assisted me with a legal matter that was time-sensitive, and produced results quickly, accurately, and efficiently. He also charged me a very reasonable rate for the work; it was significantly less than I thought it would be. Five stars, because six isn’t an option.”

– Gabriel Sandler, January 2021 via Google

Great Advice!

“A lawyer at this firm reviewed an employment agreement I had. Their office gave me great advice! Thanks guys!”

– Scott Bell, December 2020 via Google

Have My Best Interests in Mind

“Croson, Taub, & Michaels were amazing to work with. They answered questions I had about my employer and my work contract. Grateful for professionals who have my best interests in mind.”

– Laura Wiseman, December 2020 via Google

Fantastic Expertise & Advice

“I was represented by a partner at Croson, Taub, & Michaels and am very happy with the representation I received. They provided fantastic expertise and advice and were there for me every step of the way.”

– Brandon Reid, December 2020 via Google