I made the right decision in choosing this firm and its team of lawyers. When I could not find anyone to help us, including the EEOC, Teri and Charlotte took on my case. They introduced and educated us, my husband and I, in the steps, levels, and process of going to court and taking on a Goliath. There were times when a strong personality and honest clarity was needed, but they were also understanding, compassionate and comforting when I felt the pressure and stress of fighting for what we all believe was a dishonest action taken against me, an individual with a disability who truly enjoyed performing their job. They made sure to involve me in everything involving my case, they let me know what my options and what may be best for me without trying to influence or persuade me into a decision I wasn’t comfortable with. Their priority was me, their client, not what the payoff could be. In my opinion, we beat Goliath because, even though money was never the issue, the settlement we agreed upon hit them where it hurts the most, their pocketbooks and that they now have a history of a wrongful discrimination action. Thank you, Charlotte and Teri!